easiOffer Bookingbutton

Book with just a few clicks, directly in the offer

easiOffer Bookingbutton integrates a button or link into your offer e-mail, which your guest can use to book directly in the offer. How does it work? Click on the button to open a prefilled form, which the guest only has to send. As soon as your guest clicks on “Book now”, a non-binding booking will be made.

The user interface of easiOffer Bookingbutton

The advantages of easiOffer Bookingbutton

Quick and simple

Thanks to the easiOffer Bookingbutton, your guest can book directly in the offer, it just takes one click.


Bookings are automatically transferred to your hotel management programme.

Always up to date

As soon as you send booking confirmation to your guests, it is saved as a fixed booking in backend.

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