Direct contact with your guests

Do you care about your guests’ opinion? In hardly any other sector are the effects of reviews as noticeable as in the hotel industry. Positive feedback from satisfied guests is therefore extremely valuable. Negative ratings, in contrast, should be minimised and their content seriously used to improve quality in the hotel.

easiFeedback enables you to generate and evaluate reviews for your hotel. Thanks to instant notification, you can react immediately to feedback and avoid negative feedback on other portals. easiFeedback provides you with valuable statistics on how guests perceive your hotel and how you compare to your competitors.

Through the direct connection to easiOffer, you can immediately see whether the guest has already submitted a review and can react accordingly.

The user interface of easiFeedback

The advantages of easiFeedback

Linked with your hotel management system

The guest’s overall review is displayed when you create an offer in your hotel management system.

Up to date

Upon request, you will be informed about every review.

Full control

Only your hotel receives the review. The feedback is not automatically forwarded or published.

Improve quality

Use valuable customer feedback for internal quality management and marketing

Manage reputation

Respond efficiently and quickly to criticism

Clearly arranged

The layout of the questionnaire is clearly arranged and contains questions according to topic groups. Different languages and different answer options can be defined in advance (points system, yes/no answers, text, drop-down menu).


One click in the check-out e-mail is all it takes to get your guest directly to the feedback form.

No manipulation

Collecting real guest reviews through the feedback enquiry in the farewell e-mail (check-out e-mail) – benefit from the direct contact with your guests.

Simply create a questionnaire

Use the standard questionnaire right away or personalise the questions beforehand.

Valuable statistics

Automatic analysis of the reviews with important overall hotel evaluation and evaluation according to certain subject areas (hotel in general, catering, rooms, etc.)

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