Hotel software from Yanovis

We have the perfect hotel software for you! Yanovis stands for in-depth know-how, top quality, and speed. Our competent team of tourism and IT experts develops a wide range of individual technologies for hotels and destinations. We are your skilled partner for professional hotel software.


The knowledge of our competent software developers as well as our experience in working with hotels and destinations is channelled into our work.


Not all hotel software is the same, but all our systems have one thing in common: the highest quality that meets both your needs as well as those of the industry.


We develop software for hotels and destinations and react promptly and effectively to your needs.
Our support team is always there for you!

A hotel software with many possibilities: easiSuite

easiSuite combines all the systems you need for efficient hotel management on a single platform. Manage enquiries, manage bookings, offer flexible forms of payment, strengthen customer loyalty, design promotions – all this is possible quickly, easily, and via a single input mask with Yanovis software.

Digital hotel software for more bookings and more revenue

We have analysed the demands of the modern hotel and tourism industry for you and developed a hotel software solution to suit every need. The unique user interface of our IT solutions is easy to use, reduces your administrative overhead, and helps you increase the number of bookings and revenue. Over 2,000 clients already rely on hotel software from Yanovis.

Technology and professionalism

Managing the many enquiries, bookings, and cancellations is a time-consuming and complicated matter. It is fundamental for a solid hotel business to get in touch with potential guests quickly and personally, to manage large amounts of data easily, and to use resources efficiently. When you invest in our hotel software, you can easily grow your booking volume. How’s that? Our software for hotels is your personal digital reception assistant for your business. You can generate more bookings and more revenue. Rely on hotel software from Yanovis and benefit from the latest technologies and the highest level of professionalism.

Manage all your enquiries – hotel software for correspondence

Hotel software helps you manage your enquiries, generate bookings, design attractive offers, and handle booking processes quickly and easily. With our correspondence systems, you are prepared for everything, which means you have time for other important things – mainly, to personally take care of your guests.

Manage bookings? Simply purchase hotel software!

You probably know best how to manage bookings yourself. We provide you with professional hotel software that shortens the process and reduces your workload. Data synchronisation is fast and straightforward and you can create sales instruments for your hotel business in no time at all. Here, you can find our systems for sales.

Offer flexible payment methods

In order to speed up booking and payment processes and enable your guests – as well as your reception staff – to check in quickly and easily, we have developed a suitable hotel software that simplifies these processes. Secure payment, less work, easy handling. Click here to learn more!

Strengthen customer loyalty – it’s simple with our hotel software

Our hotel software helps you to maintain contact with your guests, which strengthens customer loyalty – a favourably smart move. Thanks to systems such as easiFeedback, you can obtain direct feedback from your guests and use it to enhance quality. In addition, you can send news and greetings to guests and, thanks to the Zerberus system, do so in a legally compliant manner according to the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation.

Promo codes & online coupons

Thanks to discount campaigns and the possibility to create vouchers quickly and conveniently online, you can secure more bookings and more revenue. Our hotel software for promotions and easiCoupon have been developed specifically for this purpose and are part of our range of professional hotel software.