Payment: conveniently process payments online

The time-consuming control of incoming payments is a thing of the past. In the future, you will relieve your reception desk with the Payment app, the professional software that ensures a fully automated booking and payment process. There are over 15 payment providers available. With the user-friendly deposit interface, you not only create added value for your guests, but at the same time reduce loss and increase your liquidity. 

The advantages of Payment

Simple and fast

All booking enquiries received at your reception will be processed without great effort by referring your guest to a pre-filled payment form via a link.


Your booking page works with the highest possible security standards.

Protection against losses

The deposit can be used as a cancellation fee. Payment thus reduces losses and increases your liquidity.


Your guest can pay by credit card. The amount will be credited to your hotel’s account. The payment is secure and traceable at all times.


Over 15 payment providers are available.

User friendly

The simple and user-friendly payment tool guides the guest through the payment process.