Communication: more than guest correspondence

The Communication app is more than just a correspondence tool. It is the heart of the Yanovis Travel Suite. The central user interface, gives you an overview and quick access to the guest's current status in the booking process and the correspondence history at any time.

3 steps to the perfect offer

Imagine if the complicated process of creating an offer could be broken down into just three steps. With Yanovis Travel Suite, this is no longer a pipe dream. Achieve more bookings and increase your turnover thanks to fast, networked communication via e-mail, chat and WhatsApp!

Step 1: Offer creation

  • As soon as the guest's enquiry reaches you, the data is automatically transferred from the hotel management programme.
  • Numerous offer templates are available and are suggested to you according to the booking period.
  • Thanks to the high degree of customisability, you can individualise the design of each offer with just a few clicks.
  • All prices, periods, conditions, etc. can be adapted.
  • You can access the central media management at any time.

Step 2: Individual, interactive offer website

  • Yanovis Travel Suite presents your offer as a sales-promoting, interactive mini website (landing page).
  • The modern design is adapted to your company's corporate identity at the beginning.
  • All content is responsive, i.e. optimised for use on mobile devices: image galleries, 360-degree images, videos, room plans, texts, and much more.
  • All offer variants are simply displayed.
  • Thanks to profiling, numerous templates are automatically adapted to the respective guest.
  • If necessary, you can change every single text module as well as all menu items and buttons.

Step 3: Dispatch and contact via multiple channels

  • Multi-channel communication lets you reach your guest at any time.
  • The interactive offer is optimised and sent to the guest as a link by e-mail. Since the e-mail only contains a link to the offer and a few images, you benefit from a high delivery rate. WhatsApp makes it even easier for you to reach the guest directly with your offer without unnecessary spam filters.
  • Thanks to fast, networked communication via phone, e-mail and WhatsApp, you can always keep an eye on the booking status.
  • In the cross-channel communication panel, you can see the entire correspondence history with the guest.
  • Internal notes facilitate the guest service at the reception.

Use the possibilities offered by multi-channel communication

Different communication channels offer you maximum flexibility. This is how you are sure to reach your guest:

  • Send your offer to the guest via e-mail and WhatsApp. A prominently placed offer link increases the delivery and opening rate.
  • Use WhatsApp to clarify queries and take advantage of the chat programme without needing a complex additional communication tool: The guest is familiar with the messaging service and is more willing to interact.
  • Offer additional services to the guest by phone and strengthen guest loyalty through personal contact.
  • With the uncomplicated and personal chat function, you save time and money. It is also the perfect tool for your guests to ask questions - directly on the landing page.

The advantages of “Communication”

Highly customisable
Standard was yesterday. Turn every offer into a tailor-made eye-catcher with just a few clicks. Save time and stress with customisable templates.

Multi-channel communication
Reach your guest where they prefer to be! Cross-channel communication via e-mail, chat and WhatsApp is the solution.

Communication panel
In the simple communication panel, you have an overview of the entire communication, across channels and including status messages. The guest is the focus of the intuitive user interface.

Automated dispatch
Stay in touch with your guests! Event-controlled messages help you work efficiently.