Multi-channel communication

All guest correspondence has one goal: to get the guest to book. Therefore, make sure that your offer reaches your potential guests wherever they are. Send an offer e-mail, follow up by phone, present additional offers via WhatsApp – and much more. Networked contact via WhatsApp, phone, and e-mail makes use of all important communication channels.

Focus on the guest

Your guest is the focus in the user interface of the Yanovis Travel Suite. A clear communication panel allows you to see the current status of the exchange with the guest at any time. This way you can always see which next steps are necessary to win over the guest. Shift change at your reception? No problem, the new colleague can see what needs to be done at a glance.

Multi-channel communication, clear and targeted

Multi-channel communication means: You communicate with the guest via e-mail, chat and WhatsApp – your offer reaches your guest where they can most easily access your proposal. If necessary, you simply switch back and forth between the communication channels to reach the guest in the best possible way. In the clear communication panel, you can track each of these steps across channels.

WhatsApp – pull out all the stops!

Your guests are familiar with WhatsApp – they use the messaging service every day to stay in touch with their friends. Accordingly, the inhibition threshold to interact with you via chat is low. Therefore, make use of  the possibilities offered by the Yanovis Travel Suite via WhatsApp:

  • Guests' trust in the communication channel
  • Quick access to the conversation for guests
  • Offer immediately on the mobile device, faster than competing offers
  • High opening rates for your messages and offers
  • Modern, interactive, and uncomplicated instant communication
  • No complex, external chat programmes necessary
  • No spam filter that unnecessarily holds up your offers