central login, numerous options

Various software products are used in the hotel and tourism industry every day to organise guest data. connects them all – intuitively and securely. With just one password, you get access to all your tools.

Cross-system login that connects all tools

Numerous software products make everyday life in the hotel industry easier. But how can you avoid having to switch between them all the time? With a central tool that gives you access to all functions. One password is all you need! Annoying jumping back and forth from app to app is history with this smart organisation tool.

One password, all tools in view

With a single login, you can immediately access many of the platforms you use without having to log in again. This way, you have everything in view at the reception and in marketing. This makes your work with guest data much easier and ensures a high level of security. The result is efficient guest communication and ultimately successful bookings.

Simple and secure is characterised by user-friendliness and high security standards. The application is intuitive and easy to use – ideal for working at the reception desk. At the same time, the authentication procedure meets the highest technical requirements.