Newsletter: the most efficient form of online marketing

The Newsletter app is a powerful e-mail marketing software for hotels that enables you to create professional, personalised newsletters online, send them securely, measure success, and manage recipient addresses.

All content is stored in a central template and media management system. Adjustments can be made directly via the editor. Thanks to the interface to your hotel management programme, the guest addresses belonging to the respective groups are automatically imported and continuously updated. The Newsletter app provides valuable statistical data and helps you to precisely define your target group and keep track of the goals you have set. Together with Profiling and Privacy, your e-mail marketing becomes unbeatable.

The advantages of Newsletter

Loyal customers

Efficient tool for long-term guest loyalty that increases the conversion rate and turns new guests into regulars.

Measurable events

Extensive evaluation options, including click behaviour, dispatch figures, delivery rate, read rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, links visited, etc. The system is connected to Google Analytics to measure traffic and the return on investment of the advertising campaigns.

Central media management

All content is always at hand in the template and media management system.

Attractive layout

Fast and intuitive creation of newsletters with high-quality graphic layouts according to your corporate design.

Data profiling

Optimally evaluated and prepared guest data for a target-group-specific approach thanks to the Profiling app.

Interface to the hotel management programme

Automatic import and update of the guest database or manual import into your hotel management programme.

Individual offers

Cost-effective and versatile marketing tool for communicating offers, news, and promotion packages to select customer groups or personalised communications according to individual customer needs.


Guest data is kept safe at all times thanks to the Privacy app.