Individualised offers, highly customisable

Creating offers has never been this easy: You create the e-mails and mini websites with the offers in a simple editor with a sophisticated range of functions according to the modular principle. Numerous templates are available for this purpose. Make adjustments wherever you like to add your own personal touch:

  • Each offer variant can be individually named, described, and highlighted.
  • Room titles, room descriptions, and room pictures can be easily adjusted in the offer.
  • Price details can be added manually.
  • The deposit as well as cancellation and payment conditions can be individually set for each offer.
  • In a central media management system, all content is accessible at any time.

Smart templates, automated dispatch

No more long searches, no more mistakes with your offers: Depending on the booking period, e.g. summer, winter, regular guest weeks, etc., an automatic profile is assigned and the matching templates are displayed. The data of the request is automatically transferred from hotel management programme. This saves a lot of time and stress. You concentrate on what really matters: preparing a tailor-made offer for the guest according to their wishes.

Standard was yesterday

Turn every offer into a tailor-made eye-catcher in just a few clicks! Professional and personal, stylish and individual, emotional yet sales-promoting.