Software for hotels

At Yanovis, a vision becomes professional software for hotels. Discover our extensive product range that will help you:

  • increase revenue
  • make everyday work easier
  • promote sales
  • create statistics
  • process payments
  • professional correspondence design

Professional software for hotels: the Yanovis Travel Suite

More than ever, guests value a credible, personal relationship with their (potential) hosts at the holiday destination. It is no longer enough to be easy to find and book on the World Wide Webdirect, prompt, and emotional correspondence with the guest is just as important. The Yanovis Travel Suite, our software for hotels, allows quick, networked communication via WhatsApp, e-mail, and phone. Reach your guests where they prefer to be!

The Communication app is the heart of the hotel software. But the modular tool can do even more: It combines all areas of online sales – Communication, Payment, Newsletter and Profiling, Coupons, Privacy, and many other useful functions. The benefit for you? You inspire your guests, improve communication, optimise processes, save time, help your employees, and secure more bookings.

Close to the guest. Close to your needs. The Yanovis Travel Suite.

Yanovis Travel Suite – efficient solution for hotels

Responding as personalised and as fast as possible to enquiries, efficiently managing vast amounts of data, keeping your profiles up to date on the various booking channels, and avoiding overbooking and non-binding room confirmations – all this is part of the daily tasks in your company.

We have developed Yanovis Travel Suite to tackle all these tasks easily. The software for hotels is designed as a modular system in apps and is available according to your needs in various app packages.

Highly customisable, user-friendly for guest and hotel, and optimised for mobile use, the tool enables you to communicate easily and in a targeted manner.

Thanks to the clear user interface, you can manage your business efficiently and generate more bookings and more revenue.

Correspondence software for hotels

Tailor-made offers

With the Communication app you can create professional hotel offers with just a few mouse clicks. In a simple editor, you choose from numerous templates and create e-mails and mini websites with your offers. Countless customisation options ensure a high degree of personalisation – for tailor-made eye-catchers instead of standard offers.

Hotel software for sales

Promote sales

Tailor-made offers with additional services and additional sales are issued on the personalised landing page. This way, you promote the sale of your services and, at the same time, simplify your work considerably.

Payments and processing

Simple processes

With the Payment app make payment easier for your guests. Everything works quickly and easily with connection to numerous online payment providers.

Guest loyalty made easy

Close to the guest

With the new Newsletter app, you can maintain close relations to your guests and communicate professionally and emotionally with them, while simultaneously increasing your revenue. The Profiling and Privacy apps allow you to send targeted and secure correspondence that precisely matches the interests of your guests.

Promo codes and online coupons

Fast, direct, and secure

With the Coupon app it is very easy to promote sales with vouchers, promo codes, and discount campaigns and generate revenue directly.