Automated messages, efficient work

The new Communication app aims to take away the time-consuming work at the reception desk and automate the communication process with the guest. Event-driven, automated messages make this idea a reality.

Stay in touch with event-driven messages

Let your guests know: We are thinking of you. Automatically sent messages make it easy for you – triggered by events and actions of the guest.

  • The Communication app allows you to send automatic reminders of unconfirmed reservations (options), pre-stay (preview e-mails), check-in prompts, post-stay, greetings (birthday wishes), and much more.
  • Individual messages can also be prepared and dispatch can be scheduled to the minute.
  • All messages are available in advance as previews and appear in an overview where they can be changed, personalised, or deactivated at any time before being sent.
  • All this works fully automatically or completely manually as desired – messages can also be created automatically and sent manually.

In order to increase the opening rate for offers, unopened offers are automatically re-sent in a slightly modified version after a set time.

Fully automated online check-in

Make it easy for yourself and your guests: offer a check-in without detours and without unnecessary contact. Every guest automatically receives a message before arrival with a request for online check-in. Thanks to the simplest settings, you can select which information is requested on the check-in form and which of this data is mandatory.

  • Save all relevant data.
  • Be informed about the planned arrival time and the vehicle registration number.
  • Documents such as identity cards/passports can be easily uploaded.
  • For multiple room bookings, the individual rooms can already be assigned to the guests.
  • You will receive an automatic notification by e-mail as soon as the online check-in has been completed.

Check-in is carried out on a personalised landing page, i.e. without time-consuming implementation of forms on your own homepage. The specified data can be easily imported into the hotel management programme.

The advantages of automatic online check-in

Save time

Your reception staff is saved from a lot of effort, there is more time for the guest.


You will automatically receive an e-mail if a guest fills out the check-in form.

No waiting times

No formalities and waiting times for guests upon arrival


You can organise the form yourself and determine which information is required for check-in.

Welcome and thank you e-mails for your guests

Would you like to welcome your guests before they arrive and increase their joyful anticipation for their holiday? Don’t let them wait too long. Surprise them with a friendly and informative welcome e-mail and use the opportunity to send them some important information before arrival or after departure. The Communication app automatically gets the required information from the system and sends an attractive e-mail to the guest.

Before arrival

In the personal welcome e-mail, confirm the reservation details again and enable the direct booking of additional services, such as a room upgrade or a relaxing wellness massage. In addition, you can send your hotel guests current event information for the relevant period of stay or information about the weather, tips, or directions.

After departure

After departure, the guest can, for example, give personal ratings in response to your check-out e-mail. You can also send the guest offers for a possible future stay.

The advantages of automated messages

Increased guest loyalty

The guest feels welcome and taken care of. You create customer satisfaction right from the start.

Saves time and effort

Automated information e-mails are sent. You have more time for direct guest contact.

Full control

It is also possible to send e-mails manually and these e-mails can be changed at any time.